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Here at Voyage Gaming Network we believe in treating everybody fairly and not using other people's content to make money. That's why there are no kits or ranks on any server that will give anybody an ingame advantage.


Just like we don't want to steal other peoples work we are creating and maintaining our own modpacks, so we can customize them as much as possible and actually know what is going on.


We like to take control of everything associated with VGN to keep up our high standards.


We believe that it is important to be transparent about everything that we do.


You are the people that keep us going and therefore you have to be able to voice your oppinions! Head over to our Discord and make a suggestion.


All of our Modpacks and Servers use the latest Mods and Plugins available to make sure that there is always something new to find!

Official Servers

"Tiny Planets"

Tiny Planets 2 is the new skyblock pack. You start the game after your ship crashed into a small planet in the middle of nowhere and have to build up everything from scratch. Watch your hunger and try to win the race to space!

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"Hex Tech"

Hex Tech is a 1.12.2 modpack that lets you explore a world generated in hexagons. Play with the latest steampunk tech mods and explore the epic world of Hex Tech on our official server. Make sure to check out all the beautiful hexes on the server!

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"Magical Purge"

Magical Purge is a 1.7.10 Magic-Anarchy pack. Do you think you are the best at PvP? Or are you super good at building secret bases? Or do just like to trust people and then have them betray you? Well we have it all...

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